I was stationed in a recording studio in the  town of Bristol approximately 3 and half years ago. I was sitting there waiting for my step father to finish recording his parts. As my step father finishes tracking his parts ,I invite the producer to a debate about the difference between a great and not so great artist.  Argument aside , he cheekily tells me to  have a listen to this kid. Now I had no idea who he was or I had never met him.  The music starts to play and then this unequivocally raw talent starts rapping with a tight flow and I am instantly captivated by his ability to move with the music. Now I do not want to come across as biased in anyway but you can hear the difference between an artist and an opportunist. This kid was a true artist and one that would definitely be around for many years constantly innovating sound. The following year I saw him unleashed to the masses and it has been nothing but amazing to see him progress steadily into the ranks of musical greatness.

Fast forward to 2015 , I am glad to see the young artist release another stunning piece of theatrical videography aptly entitled ” Been There” from his up coming EP of the same name.  As the track commences , the drum infused symphony makes you wonder where he will take you as if you are sitting in front of a movie anticipating an  incredible scene or dialogue  that will have you in a state of confusion. And to his credit , he does not disappoint one bit. He delivers his message  flawlessly and once again reiterates that he is great at what he does.  The record is well produced and beautifully arranged with an eerie chorus that will have you  nodding your head sequentially to the groove.   He conveys his story and invites you to ride along. And that we shall do with the utmost enthusiasm.




Adian Coker - Been There (Video)
4.0Overall Score
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