This Adian Coker fellow seems to be a damned hard worker. What with his steady stream of top quality music and everyman aligned lyrics. (Uses sarcastic voice) It’s almost as if he realises that talent alone isn’t enough. Hence the title of his latest single, Blue Collar, is rather an apt one.

If this song’s components were put together any other way, it would almost certainly lose the ‘real hip hop’ side of its circuitry. The automatic rifling of electro pops, eerie vocal chant and spacey snare are certainly very easy on the ears. Adian however, over time has developed a talent for making mainstream drums and synths cool. I can only assume that he has the formula for this particular equation tucked away safe and sound.

He also keeps his vocal delivery simple and catchy with a sing-a-long flow that is a little left field from what has come from him before. With it he highlights that fact , although he has course corrected the decisions he made earlier on in his life, he has always been thoughtful  & hard working and will continue to be so, regardless of whether the people in his life stick around or leave him in the proverbial wilderness.

It’s slick, it’s attractive, it’s got an inventive hook and it’s out now.

Review | Adian Coker unveils new track ''Blue Collar''
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