Storms are brewing and behind the cloudy, atmospheric, low-bass frequencies of Isaacxhopes’ music are soundscapes that progress with triumph. Issacxhopes is a young, electronic-soul artist who plays a perfect role in an alternative and experimental UK scene. Although hopes’ music seems to fall intuitively into a scene carved out before him, he succeeds at pushing the envelope and creatively dabbles in the realm of a modern take on rap music but does so with a sense of poetic integrity. 

“WHY YOU ASKING QUESTIONS TRYING TO UNDERSTAND MY MOVEMENTS” is how hopes’ begins his mellow, anthemic soundtrack ‘With Me’ This chant sets the mood for the rest of the song and displays a stylistic tone that travels throughout his music. The lyrics seem to address underlying themes of discovering creativity in solitude; offering a sense of hope to a generation who feel isolated by their decision to take a separate path. Conceptually the lyrics shape-shift and take on two contrasting line of thought; from “All of my g’s want to get rich in their 20’s” to “All of my family could switch and resent me” this is hopes’ cleverly documenting social expectation in a material-driven age, whilst weighing in on how every decision effects people’s perception of you. At the heart of this song is the concept of loyalty and at first listen ‘With Me’ denotes a relationship displaying fidelity in a turbulent world. However, the lyrical undercurrent suggests that the loyalty defined derives from a place of refuge formed by the love of a craft or creative outlet.

Not that I’m quick to compare hopes’ music to that of others but  sonically if you enjoy artists like Spooky Black or Allan Kingdom you’re bound to catch a vibe from hopes’ material. Overall, Isaacxhopes is an independent, creative driving force, self-producing, writing & performing dialogues of sound that embody a fresh perspective from the UK. His music holds poetic credibility that doesn’t disarm the mellow, free-feel vibe it carries. I would love to hear the big blogs calling out his name; Isaacxhopes is most definitely an artist to watch for in the very near future.


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