The video for Con Brio’s new track ‘Free and Brave’ begins and ends with what feels like a shot straight out of Wim Wenders 1987 film Wings of Desire, where the protagonist sits on a roof and surveys the city below him. In this instance it is Ziek McCarter, the lead singer of the band, who perches on high before firing a starter pistol to get the music and the video moving.

Just like Wings of Desire, the video is shot in black and white, which, at times, is at odds with the upbeat jazz funk feel of the music. This, of course, is a deliberate juxtaposition of visual and the sound. The song is a celebration of American diversity and implores people to be free to be brave, whatever their background.

Footage of the band playing and Ziek dancing are inter-spliced with long, slow motion panning shots of urban decay, graffiti and abandoned, sub prime houses that depict a California far from the Hollywood bling we are often shown. This is still California but it is set in Oakland. The glamour has clearly faded, but, as the final moments of the video depict, people still get together to celebrate their differences.

Con Brio will be live in London at the Borderline on the 12th July 2016.

Words by Rachel Rutherford 

Review | Rock outfit Con Brio unveil audiovisual piece for Free and Brave
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