Last week the UK celebrated the biggest achievements in British music with its annual BRIT awards ceremony. However, despite the efforts to make the event full of glitz and glam, it was reported to have brought in its lowest ratings since 2007.

The Brit Awards was a star-studded show on paper. Broadcasted live on ITV it opened with the Arctic Monkeys, had a performance from a worldwide superstar in the form of Beyonce. Despite this, only an average of 4.6 million tuned in, a figure that may sound like a lot but has actually been beaten in subsequent years.

For all of its world-class performances and A-List guestlist, there was definitely something lack-lustre about the Brits this year. British music has no doubt been making huge movements in the past year, but for what it’s worth, this never came across in the showcasing performances. Big names were brought in which were certainly attractive such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars, to name a few, who are also markedly “international” rather than British. A real opportunity to really display Britain’s musical talent was certainly missed here.

But this was just an irony of the night that may have not been able to save the show from being slated as dull. The awards lacked a real buzz. No effective build up to excite, no real enthusiasm, the Brits seemed like a typical, staged music industry affair. This only adds to some of the criticism that was given to the awards by people in the public domain. Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw took to his Twitter to voice his opinions of Beyonce’s performance being “boring”. It was certainly not the same as her performance on the night of the Grammy’s with Jay Z as she swiftly jetted in and out to sing “XO”. Sadly not even Harry Styles’ overstay in the toilet could have helped the humour of the event whilst James Corden also seemed unusually “try-hard” and awkward in his presenting skills.

It’s fair to say that the Brit Awards is not what it used to be. No longer do we have iconic moments such as Geri Halliwell’s union jack dress, or Jarvis Cocker mooning Michael Jackson in a protest. This year, the Brit Awards was sadly uneventful, and makes the awards look a little like it has become a chore for the British music industry rather than anything that was once prestigious.

Written by Nikita Rathod

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