Listening to Night Life, the sixth song of eight in King Reginald’s latest EP brings you chill, moments of peace followed by snapping punches, which pretty much sums up the EP. The whole thing swerves from the slow moments of sombre reflection into a defiant pace that pulls few punches. As an EP it is slick – each song flows into slow and fast and back again with ease.

My two favourites on the EP though, ANKH and BRKN, both feature Shani Cherry. Her voice, great in its own right, contrasts really well with King Reginald’s as he grapples with his previous encounters with loves and losses.

BRKNANKHOther songs are punchier – the album in part rails against those who trod on King Reginald in the past, a sort of ‘look at me now!’ of rap albums. ‘You ain’t got sauce that’s why you lost’ is one of the defining lines of the final song on the album, The Sauce. The punches in the EP blend nicely with those moments that look back into past regrets and past troubles.

I personally prefer those slower tracks, but they wouldn’t be as effective without the more booming, pulsing passion from songs like The Sauce and I Mean It. And you can’t conclude without mentioning the interlude, Fuckboy, which brings the sombre and the punch into one song that is at the heart of everything this EP is about. It’s an experience of an EP, and one worth looking at.

Words By Rob Mcallister 

King Reginald’s BRKNANKH swings and flows effortlessly
3.5Overall Score
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