‘All The Things You Know To Be True’ is the debut album from Carvalho, the talented Birmingham based, multi-instrumentalist.

From the opening track, ‘Sin And Shame‘ it becomes clear that ‘All The Things You Know To Be True‘ is not supposed to be understood as a conventional album. As the track begins, a woman is heard telling a joke over a jazz-funk beat, which then transcends into one of the coolest riffs on the album. But when it first kicks in, it’s a bit touch-and-go with its intriguing, unusual introduction.

Lyrically the album is quite comical with rhymes produced to create a light hearted tone. It’s hard to deny a smile when listening to the album, as not only are the lyrics amusing, the texturised funk tones scream summertime fun. Arguably, it is Carvalho’s vocal style that really makes the album stand out. With his unbelievably diverse range, he creates a dynamic tone, which is evident in the melodies used throughout the album.

The one (surprising) downside to the album, is that it almost features one too many genres. Soul, jazz, funk and elements of hip-hop are all included; even reggae makes an appearance on ‘Feels Good‘. Although an interesting mix, it actually makes the album feel slightly inconsistent and disjointed rather than exciting or innovative.

All though it might not be the most conventional album structurally, it only adds to the personality of ‘All The Things You Know To Be True’. It is the perfect album to stick on when the days are hot, creating the ultimate chill-out vibe, allowing listeners to simply laze in the soul/jazz sound, that Carvalho executes so well.

‘All the Things You Know To Be True?’ is available on iTunes.

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Written by Bryony Curtis

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