It’s substance, a precise reflection of the title. Doubts, Dreams & Ambition is the product of a melodic motivational speaker.

Claire Reneé has a story with a message, and has dedicated almost an entire record in efforts to share it. All but one of the featured tracks on the New Yorker’s latest creation, speaks of striving toward your goals and making positive progression. It’s all very wholesome, all very righteous. At times, it can all be very…repetitive. But what Claire Reneé may lack in content variety, she makes up for in unexpected scales and abstract backing vocals.

The EP starts off with a spoken word performance by Reneé, backed by rushing violins on loop. It’s a good indication of what is yet to come. ‘Doubts, Dreams & Ambition’ is overflowing with vintage soul samples and original tunes. It’s the perfect record for anyone seeking personal reassurance.

Claire Reneé’s sultry and expressive vocals instantly grabs you. Although, this EP lacks variety in subject matter, ‘Perfect Man‘ was one that managed to sway from the intended theme and take Reneé’s project, to its climax.  As for instrumentals, Reneé saved the best till last. ‘License To Drive’ is beautiful noise through the music sphere, with a four piece band collaboration. A refreshing touch to the EP, in an era all too familiar with electronic production.| |

Written by Jessica Ankomah

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