Daft Punk have made spotify history with their disco-inspired hit ‘Get Lucky‘, which racked up more than 100 million plays on Spotify, making it the digital music streaming service most popular song ever.

‘Get Lucky’ has reached the top spot in over 55 countries, and has had over 111,617,000 plays on Youtube since its release in April. As well as being the first single to sell one million copies in the UK this year, ‘Get Lucky’ holds the record for the most spotify plays in a 24-hour period. Its total number of spotify plays surpasses over 104,760,000.

The french duo’s next most-streamed song from their album ‘Random Access Memorie’ is “Instant Crush‘ which already has under 15 million plays.

Daft Punk will release their second single ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ on September 23, from their latest album. The single will once again feature Pharrell on vocals and was co-written by Nile, who found success with his group chic in the 1970s and has worked with artists including Madonna.

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