Why is It we have certain music tastes? We are exposed to so many different types of music within our life time, that influence our future decisions about what music and what we see as ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

I have always wondered why I like the music I like. I think there are many factors to why someone has a distinctive musical taste, but I think one of the main factors is our upbringing. Our upbringing and what we are exposed to musically through family, plays an important role.  My dad has to be the most influential person in my life when it comes to music. Throughout my eighteen years of life he has introduced and bombarded me with artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp and most of my all-time favourite bands.  Needless to say it is not all his doing that I enjoy a blend of music genres, but he is the one that provided the base for me to explore other artists within their fields.

Music taste acts as an identity to most people and it is how you are influenced that helps you build and create this identity.  Music intoxicates us through our life, even if it’s just hearing it on TV, you’re family playing it in the car, or the same old ballad thrown in at a party. Everyone experiences many different types of music in their life time that impact future music choices. However, according to research published on Classical-Music.com and conducted by the psychology department at Cambridge University, they have found that music taste is directly linked to age. They say that:

“people are likely to disengage with certain genres as they grow older.”

However, I believe that when you are growing up listening to different types of music, you stick to that music taste for the rest of your life. I was brought up listening to Queen and David Bowie and even though ten years has passed, I can still say that I listen to them on a regular basis. It is not about what you like and don’t like, it is about what makes you listen to that certain type of music and what inspires you to want to listen to music.

Written by Emma Beaumont

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