Dream Wife is a three-piece alternative/punk band and “Somebody” is their latest single.  This is coming off a great single in “F.U.U.” Crafted with steady drums and some sharp guitar riffs and tied together with distinct vocals, the song is a highlight in their catalogue thus far.

Dream Wife’s somebody takes influence from 80′s post-punk, 90′s alternative and even has a riot grrrl spirit message wise.  The song does a solid job of addressing the objectification of women( ‘I’m not my body I’m somebody”) and does so in a way that’s clever and poignant. As the song touches on a character who’s young naive who gets taken advantage of backstage.

Their ability to be versatile and take different influences and mesh them seamlessly is promising. That, and the fact they have a  strong character as a band which bodes well when it comes to standing out amongst the fray. So if you’re looking for a new alternative band Dream Wife is one to keep an eye out for.

Alternative Punk Band Dream Wife deliver audiovisuals for ''Somebody''
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