Ether L 9’s recently released track Wavey Hills has a chilled trip-hoppy vibe, overlaid with vocals showcasing the artist’s joint heritage of London dialect and poetic leanings.

Ether L 9 (previously known as Ether L Banks) provides something for those looking for lyrics and wordplay, as well as those looking to chill. There is depth to her sound, with gently overlaid vocal tracks paralleling the depth to her lyric.

This track will appeal to fans of experimental and chilled hip hop – along the lines of Shabazz Palaces – who are looking for more of an urban perspective in their tunes. Since the heady days of grime’s peak, hip hop has missed a leading innovative UK movement diverging from US trends, but Ether’s sound could achieve this for the teenies decade. She has a fresh sound which is in step with interesting developments in hip hop in the US and elsewhere, while building on a strong UK heritage (think Massive Attack) and staying true to her London roots in tone and slang.

It’s refreshing to see this kind of hip hop innovation coming out of London and we look forward to seeing what will come next from this young artist!

Written by James Cullen

Ether L 9 releases infectious chilled trip-hoppy Wavy Hills
4.5Overall Score
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