Ether L 9 ( formerly Ether L Banks ) unveils brand new single Dabbin Fever ( Copy and Paste ) , which is a lyrical assault on the status quo.

Dabbin Fever (Copy and Paste )was produced by Young beats. Dabbin has been something of a dance phenomenon in the last couple of months across the globe. It has been so popular that even American football players are using it in celebration. Dabbin was thought to derive from the trap heavy Atlanta and was popularised by the likes of Metro Booming to name a few.

Ether L 9 raps confidently over the trap sounding beat effortlessly and with a catchy chorus ( Now days everybody wanna dab) , this is bound to be a hit in the big scheme of things.  The beauty of this track is that there is a message and its refreshing to hear a rapper deliver it so eloquently without sounding cheesy.

Ether L 9 is slated to release the much anticipated BlvckVsPurple  sometime in 2016.

Ether L 9 will also be peforming in Berlin , Germany on March 18th.

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Ether L 9 unveils brand new single Dabbin Fever ( Copy and Paste )
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