The FloodShark is a composer/producer out of Gainsville Florida. Let Loose The Floodgates is his latest release. A 13 track instrumental album with an immersive sound with influences coming from hip-hop, ambient music, classical, jazz and other electronics. In giving this, a thorough listen I came away very impressed.

With Let Loose The Floodgates The FloodShark attempts to create the musical atmosphere of settings relating to the seas/ocean. Regardless of the tune, you’ll often get sound effects including rainfall, thunder, waves, etc. Those effects surround experimental compositions such as the tense and dark”Lurking In The Deep” and improvisational “DiMethyl Mercury.” Both tracks meld electronics with beautiful piano playing that takes cues from classical composers. The FloodShark knows when and how to build tension and release it. He also knows how to layer tracks and keep things feeling unpredictable. “Electric Eel” is a track with siren-like synths that rev up and as it progresses (which reminds me slightly of some of Death Grips latest work) these sounds are met with water bubbling sound effects. This detail helps me to stay engaged as the tracks often push past the six-minute mark.

The latter half of the album is the side is where The Floodshark at his best, though. “Lighting Strike Shark Bite” is the first real taste of jazz on the album and it features a great saxophone melody on top of some strings, brooding electronics a definite highlight. “Rainsville/After The Flood” is another moody instrumental that fills somewhat improvised whether it is or not it features some of the best piano playing on the album especially toward the end of the track. The FloodShark ends things out fittingly with “Back To Sea/Symphony Of Seas.” The track features epic violin and string mixed with synths parts that warp into a piano what sounds like dark brooding horns and the crisp sound of the ocean, a beautiful record.

What I get most from this album other than being a well-organized meshing of sounds that compliment each other but an immersive work that makes it easy for me visualize what’s going on. There are times when I can picture the overcast beaches (“On Some Nearby Beach”) other times I see a boat sailing off into the distance on a dreary day out to see (“Back To Sea/Symphony of Seas”). He also does a good job off adding interesting interludes such as the jaws excerpt on “Shark Eyez.” If you’re into ambient/experimental music, I highly recommend giving this a listen.

Florida Native The FloodShark releases an expansive ambient electronic album
4.5Overall Score
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