Dreamy, empowering pop to Shout about!

Every few months the pop genre throws up a cheery ditty sure to smash through the Monday blues, and Shout! from Swedish pop starlet FRÖ offers just that.

‘Shout !’ is a feel-good track about that special place some of us have that nobody knows and where you can shout at the top of your voice.

This track from FRÖ makes you want to do the same, with melodic hook made for the radio and an uplifting instrumental that makes you want to move.

FRÖ grew up in the mountains of northern Sweden before moving to Stockholm. The lyrics of this track seem to have been inspired by the fresh air and beauty of her surroundings.

If you like Haim, you’ll love FRÖ. Her vocals are impressive throughout the track, but the last 30 seconds are a joy to the ears as she scales through her range.

Shout is three minutes of dreamy, uplifting and empowering pop that will stay with you for all of the right reasons.

Written by Andrew

Sound of The Week #6 | FRÖ - Shout!
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