Come Alive is the debut single from Gazel, a new name in the legions of London singer-songwriters that straddle the borders between pop and electronica, but one that we might be hearing more of in the future.

GazelThought-provoking, melodic but moody, and mellow enough to be listenable at most times of the day, Come Alive is an encouraging start which, whether she realises it or not, gives more than a little nod towards trip hop royalty such as Portishead and Massive Attack, and that is no small praise.

The video encapsulates the London rat race, with commuters trudging home after a long day in the office – this is a scenario Gazel might well be familiar with, considering she has a studio in Wood Green.

At a time when many pop videos fall victim to the pressures of fitting in – think garish dancing, looking popular with ‘pretend friends’ and generally acting cool – Come Alive is a welcome tonic.

Despite a glittering resume which shows she has worked with the likes of the BBC, Sky, SATV and EMI over the past year, Gazel will have to demonstrate a little more versatility in her future output, and show us she can do more than one style. But this is a good beginning.


Words by Richard Garside

Review | Gazel releases brand new video for Come Alive
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