Ikes gave us a quick breakdown of what the new project is all about and the meaning behind its conception.

What does OutSideIn Mean ?

So I’ve got this theory called the “Outisde|In” theory, and it’s where you’re forced to

strategically build outside your home to hopefully someday be allowed in. It’s

basically figuratively describing where I believe I currently am in the music


What was your mind set on this project ? 

I spent a good 2 years travelling, visiting music conferences in different territories,

with the aim of building an international network, and some buzz overseas. In my

experience when I’ve gone to the states or Europe I felt the audience were just a

little more receptive to my art. So I guess I felt isolated, somewhat rejected, a little

frustrated, yet quite content with my progress.

The first single is Pray for Me – what inspired it ?

I wrote “Pray For Me” when I decided to take on music as a career full-time. So I felt

like I was making a transition from one person to another, going on a fresh new

journey. I knew what it entailed and the sacrifices I had to make in order to realize

my dreams.

When will the mini album be released ? 

Outside|In will be officially released Sept 18th and you can pre-order it right now on

iTunes to get “Pray For Me” right away!

Who did the artwork ? It looks like a real painting ?

My vision for the artwork was brought to life by a good friend of mine; An artist that

goes by the name of Funny Tummy (laughs at his name). He’s amazing,

draws/paints everything freehand, only Lord knows how he does it but he’s done

the artwork for all of my full projects and mixtapes for the past 4 years. We have a

great working and personal relationship..

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