What’s hot in 2014, is indie. All things smooth and grunge takes over this year. And here are a few artists you need to be listening to…

Bastille: A fairly recent edition to the scene and happily welcomed. The music is effortlessly catchy and absolutely brilliant. Yet at the same time it’s not easily overplayed. ‘Flaws’ from Bad Blood, is an amazing song especially if you’re unknown to the band it’s a song that will pursuade you.

Imagine Dragons is a band whose name itself has some indication to it’s ‘uniqueness.’ Mellow and chilled – its the perfect selection for a relaxed atmosphere. The album Night Visions, has the potential to rule your playlist with ‘on top of the world’ which is such an amazing and happy song.

Ben Howard, a musician who’s gentle tones certainly bring some reminders of last summer. His music is perfect for warming up the next few months. ‘Only Love’ from the album Every Kingdom is beautifully crafted and a lovely song.

Everyone can remember the ‘Hey Ho’ a brilliant song by The Lumineers. Gentle, catchy and upbeat. ‘Flowers in Your Hair’ from their self titled album is seductively good, excellently crafted and hard not to listen to!

Now here’s an old classic, The Gas Light Anthem who truely represent the Indie genre. Loving and sweet is what comes to mind when describing their music. ‘Here’s to Looking at you Kid’ from the album The 59’ Sound, is a song that every broken hearted boy could relate to. It is a old classic, since the band have only had two releases since The 59′ Sound, those being ‘American Slag‘ and ‘Handwritten‘. However it must be stated The 59’ Sound certainly is the better choice.

Written by Katie Hetherington

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