“Surfin’ Sky High” is a single from London Based Irini Mando’s EP Eden which was released late last year. It’s a project I implore you to give a listen to if you’re into hip-hop and pop-flavored R&B. It’s not too surprising how polished Irini Mando sounds on it, having studied and performed classical and jazz music coming up. As well beginning to explore pop and hip-hop as well.

“Surfin’ Sky High” is a definite highlight on the EP that takes most of those skills acquired and  uses them to great effect. The track is a mix of light atmosphere blended  with  hip-hop’s bounce which was   beautifully produced by JFlames. Irini Mando’s vocals  have a mature, yet youthful vibe to them that reflect confidence and optimism. There’s a soulful tenor to it that’s easily gripping as importantly there’s as big a presence and personality there on record.

The track speaks about dealing with a liar , a cheater and wanting truth and transparency in a relationship (and possibility of life) moving forward. It’s also touching on moving forward in life with a sense that she’s on to bigger and better things. The music video accurately reflects the vibe of the song with scenes of oceans and blue skies backing Irini performing.

“Surfin’ Sky High” is a great track. It’s chill, has a good hook and very good vocals. It also blends different styles nicely. Irini Mando’s talent is obvious and the future is bright. So definitely give both a listen to Surfin’ Sky High and the rest of her EP Eden.

London based Irini Mando unveils brand new visuals for the stunning Surfin' Sky High
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