Janessa Evrist is a singer-songwriter out of LA. Fall Apart is her newest single off her upcoming Fall Apart EP. This track is the follow up to her upbeat electro-pop single “Play High Stakes”, which shows her range in that it skews more in the opposite direction sonically and emotionally.

Janessa has a cute delicate vocal, made up of dream pop leanings, which suits the composition she is gliding on. While her voice isn’t towering she’s got a great sense of conveying vulnerability. Where “Play High Stakes” was more of an effervescent affair “Fall Apart” is tonally darker and slightly more melancholic. It’s built using piano chords, some light atmosphere with vocals hovering in the background. There’s also a great guitar groove and a strong chorus on the song as well. It all adds up to being a great tune.

This track speaks to the feeling of being down and failing, being at your wit’s end to the  point your willing to give up and give in. Most people know what’s that like to try and fail and try and fail again, each attempt seemingly harder than the last. Eventually, you’re crushed and just too tired to put the pieces back together again. I can relate to that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Fall Apart is a lush indie-pop track nicely layered and well written. Janessa does an excellent job of capturing the essence of what it feels like to be downtrodden. The track also hits me on a personal level, and I imagine it to be a record I’ll give a decent amount of replay. It’s also one that peaks my interest about how the rest of her EP will sound. So give this a listen if you are into indie-pop or dream pop. Give it a listen and you won’t regret it.

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Los Angeles native Janessa Evrist unveils dream pop single ''Fall Apart''
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