Joe Jury is a singer/songwriter that started his first band back in 2005 while still at school.  His first EP, The Streets of Campden, was released on February 10th 2017.

The first record  on the EP starts with the title track and a low key instrumental section played by synthesizer and an electric guitar. After the intro the instruments then make way for vocals to come in unsupported and thus setting the scene for what is a dramatic build up all the way to the end.

Jury says that he draws on many influences such as Van Morrison that use more acoustic and electric elements together. It is easy to hear this in the music where each tune strongly evokes a beautiful story line. The songs build quickly from a calm melodic line using vocals and guitar/piano to a stronger ensemble section.

In ‘Loved You Since Yesterday’ it starts with a simple lonely vocal line that suddenly springs into a more upbeat chorus including electric guitar and percussion.

Jury uses a combination of instruments, some of which is a surprise to the listener, like the addition of cello in ‘If Heaven Had a Face’. This adds to the music’s appeal as it doesn’t follow a pop formula or stereotype. The style of the final tune on the EP is very Nick Drake in it’s ballad style and relaxed melody.  It is given a more modern twist, as with all the songs, in the middle building to more loud instrumental involvement.

Joe Jury provides a fresh modern take on a more classic 80’s Pop style.

Joe Jury unveils his astonishing debut ''The Streets of Campden EP''
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