It used to be that talent shows were about talent. Unfortunately by proxy, these deluded TV series producers, have created emotional driven parodies. There is always a seldom case where the “journey” undertaken by those involved, is actually relevant to the song they are about to perform. Their next performance is always “the performance of their lives”. In the case of Jonathan and Charlotte however, it was a necessity in order that we understood why together, these two are more than the sum of their parts.

It was evident as soon as they first walked out on stage for their first audition, that Charlotte was Jonathan’s emotional crutch, his confidante, his cheerleader; and as such was enabling him to go out on stage and do what he does so well. It was also clear as soon as that audition was over, that Jonathan was Charlotte’s singing crutch. She is obviously talented but the connection they share means she is far better when the two are a duet. It was this connection that ultimately saw them both improve significantly as the show went on. Jonathan’s confidence and Charlotte’s singing both went on a steep upward curve. By the time they reached the final, they were ready for whatever the world threw at them…. like a record deal with Sony Music (via Simon Cowell’s Syco music label), for instance.

Their first album, ‘Together’, saw the pair riding their huge Britains Got Talent wave. A well balanced album that drew its audience in by having some popular songs on its tracklist, yet giving them a quite dramatic classical makeover. A theme carried over to the second album, ‘Perhaps Love’, also takes into account Christmas songs. Well executed without being groundbreaking, both albums are a great example of how to make accessible talent sell.

Thus, two UK top five classical albums later, not only have Jonathan and Charlotte become the first teenage duo to complete such a feat, but they are doing it without courting a hint of controversy or marketing gimmicks. Forget the lack of universal critical acclaim, a look through any public comments section for one of their albums makes it easy to see why they are so loved, and will continue to be so. Their interviews reveal humble, thankful and on the part of Jonathan, troubled friends who simply love the lives they are now able to lead. Many in the limelight express thanks for what they have but few in the music industry do it with as much sincerity.

As singers there is obviously no doubting the duo’s talent. But as always, 24 hour media means that people want a piece of the artists as well as the music. If there isn’t even a modicum of personality for the listening public to get there teeth into, in most cases that initial popularity will not be sustained. People adore Jonathan and admire Charlotte, but it is the story of their friendship that clearly resonates with their fans. The career trajectories of these two can only continue to rise very high indeed.

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