Evoking memories of listening to your dad’s ‘Electronic 80s’ CD on your Walkman, Julia Grayling conjures up a lovely New Romantic meets K-Pop offering with her single Shallow Heart.

The heavily produced track, with its electronic drums, synth and varying effects, takes you on a short historical journey of modern music.

Beginning with a deep bassline and beat that No Doubt would be proud of, it then introduces the high harmonies of Ellie Goulding within the opening lines. We then hear the playfulness of 2NE1 and Wondergirls which all comes together to form a diluted version of Björk, which is in no way a bad thing!

A catchy hook helps the song, and although the verse lines do pick up nicely from each other, at times it does feel like they struggle to get going.

You feel the raw emotion when Julia sings “You don’t see my point you think I’m crazy. No I’m not! No I’m not!” as though she has banged her head on that brick wall of frustration one too many times.

This song represents an eclectic mix that has taken excellent parts from some of our favourite genres. One hopes the world is ready for Ms Grayling’s Shallow Heart.

Words by Matt Terry

Review | Julia Grayling unleashes visuals for Shallow Heart
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