Knighthood release energy driven record ''Two Hours An A 1/2 Past 10''
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I have always loved hip hop and its intention to spread some form of knowledge to the wondering youth in the big concrete jungle. Knighthood society are  an alternative hip hop collective and currently  reside in  Hackney , East London , where streets are filled with hipsters changing waves in all forms of art.

Knighthood are authentic youth documenting life in London through the art of rhyme. Today they release the brand new track Two Hours An A 1/2 Past 10 ,  which stands out amongst the constant recycle of other people’s style.  They are unique in their approach and stance.

Knighthood will be doing a lot this year and Two Hours An A 1/2 Past 10 is the beginning of a wave of new music to come.

I am happy to see that we have youth of London that are no longer perpetuating the current barrage of mediocrity but creating a new wave of sounds we can all enjoy.

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