German-born Leena Ojala has seen many parts of the globe, giving her sound real authenticity. Sweeping electronic soundscapes lull you in, only for her haunting voice to enrapture you in the midst of it all.

Little Place is a song that’s truly set to be the sound of the summer. Smooth and elegant enough for the average listener to get lost in, it’s Leena’s lyrics that make the track something to be treasured.
The general sound only gives off hints of melancholy, but the beautifully sung story holds a much heavier mood and atmosphere. Masterfully blended together, it’s really not too hard to imagine this being a bittersweet, sing-your-heart-out number on the festival circuit.

Dealing with reconciliation, monolithic new surroundings, and a general theme of adjusting to change, it’s a song that anyone with real life experience will get behind after the first few listens.

You’d have to be a little deaf to miss out on the Kate Bush and London Grammar influences.

The instrumental portion of the track carries a cool and refreshing sound, but the lyrics are coming from someone with honest singer-songwriter sensibilities. This isn’t a fly-by-night tune, and Leena is real talent who deserves to be watched.

Written by Mark McQueen

Sound of The Week #8 | Leena Ojala - Little Place
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