French electronic producer Leon Inc. has quietly been crafting his sound since 92. With his experience, and influences ranging from Daft Punk to Kraft work, he knows a thing or two about creating engaging electronic music. He recently released his second single “Kepler-62FT.JR827” off his forthcoming album Insert Disc. The track features a fluttering atmosphere to go along with a thumping bass that drives the track only hitting harder as the track progresses past the 3-minute mark. It has the intergalactic feel that you’d expect from a track named after the star Kepler-62. It’s an instrumental I can imagine playing during a night drive or just a late night chill session since it has that nocturnal vibe.

Leon Inc’s Insert Disc is due out early this year, but he also released a single in “Microfibre” which should help tide you over until then.

Review | Electronic Producer Leon Inc. releases new single Kepler-62Ft.JR827
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