North-west London rapper MAF Muses has ambitions of taking the UK’s urban scene by storm, and his latest release, ‘MAF Million is Born’, is his attempt at infusing rapping ability with abstract noises and odd timings.

While it is clear that he is trying to do something different and fresh, it sometimes falls short of being entirely innovative. His lyrics – which are far and away the song’s standout element – are often drowned out by a series of accompanying snare hits, haphazard noises and what can only be described as oddly disquieting shrieks. These are, however, more issues with the production than the artist himself.

Perhaps the song’s most important feature, and the one that makes this track worth putting on repeat, is that MAF Muses clearly has buckets of talent. He has a knack for rhythm and for telling a story, but his skills could definitely be highlighted better with a less jarring backing track. His vocals are his USP, and that must be given greater prominence.

The UK’s rap and grime scene has set high standards for itself in recent years, and while MAF Muses is still an artist taking his first tentative steps in the genre, he is a talent that shines out. Should he take steps to remove the sometimes distracting synth-chirps and beeps that take away from his lyrical techniques, he could definitely come to assert himself in the years to come.

Words by Joseph Phelan

MAF Muses' latest single highlights his future potential
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