Lurine Cato is not just a phenomenal singer, but a songwriter, mother, motivational speaker, and vocal arranger. She is no stranger in the music industry, having worked with eminent stars such as Kirk Franklin, Mary J Blige, Kylie Minougue, Donnie McClurkin. It was only a matter of time that Lurine would shine at the forefront, as she had mainly worked behind the scenes as a background singer and ghost writer, for a number of artists.

Lurine has made a mark on UK Gospel Music. Last month she scooped a MOBO award for Best Gospel Act, including a BEFFTA’s award for the same category.

Congratulations on winning a MOBO award for Best Gospel Act. How are you taking it?

At first I kept saying oh my god for days. Now I have calmed down a bit, it still is quite overwhelming. I’m always out of the house doing interviews, going to events. It’s all-good it’s brilliant, It has just taken a complete different spin of life.

What does winning a MOBO award mean to you personally?

It’s a massive achievement. A worldwide achievement. It’s opened a lot of doors to sing and speak at events. The invitations just came flooding in. So for me personally, it is a worldwide achievement. You don’t really realize it until you step out of your house. So many people were inspired by the speech I gave. It’s really uplifting.

You won a BEFFTA award and performed on the night. What was that experience like?

Once again it was a shock. I picked up the award on a Friday night, and the Saturday night I performed. Which was great, because there was a mixture of the crowd. They were so receptive to the song ‘You Revive Me’. Everybody was on their feet. I’m singing a gospel song and you know some Christians (some not and everybody) was on their feet, it was electric. A lady came up to me and said I used to go to church and I wanted to speak in tongues when you sang it (laughs).

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

It has to be winning the MOBO now. There are so many back in the day, but the MOBO has definitely beaten it all.

You are currently working on your debut album, are there any guest appearances?

There will be, but I wont let the cat out of the bag just yet. I am really excited about that, and I know people will be to!

How do you balance motherhood and your career?

It clashes all the time (laughs). Even today I’m at a photo-shoot and I have so many things going on. My kids have been at my sister’s house since Monday and I saw them this morning. I told them I love them and you know mummy has got to do what she has to do. I assured them that Thursday and Friday’s are our day’s guys. I asked them if they were okay. The reply I got was ‘yeah mum we’re going to Uncle Marks house’ (laughs). They know they are going to have fun; they have their cousins there. I was like thank you Lord because it means so much to me that there okay because it’s not easy. If it wasn’t for my close friends and family who help me, trust me, I wouldn’t be able to do this. It’s hard to balance but my family is doing what they can to help.

So finally, what can people expect from the upcoming album?

There is a song for every emotion, every situation. There is a story, they will be uplifted, they will be empowered, they will be encouraged. They will find purpose, they will find deliverance, they will find healing, joy and happiness. As for the genre of music it is so wide there is disco, R&B, Rock, Indie, Pop. It is all from the word of God. There is something for everyone, Muslims, Catholics, anyone. There is something for everybody in this album. |

Written by Vanessa Sarpong

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