After a decade of touring parts of the world, once being in a group with his three brothers, J.P Kazadi has gone solo. With a wealth of music experience behind him, Kazadi’s sound is a combination of retro soul, easy listening with a hint of gospel and R&B. To date he has released promo single ‘Silly Love Long’ (2012,) which was distributed through fifteen digital retailers worldwide, with recent recordings on Soundcloud.

Music is my life…I value music so much.
Music plays a big part in my life.

The 90s was a great time for me…having been in a band with my brothers.
Indeed the vibe was great. We learnt so much about the art of music and more.

My solo career has taught me a lot…about being persistant.
I’ve learnt to be original, with a continuous passion and belief in what I do and desire.

Music I create is uplifting and inspiring…it’s a channel of expression for a lot of things.
One of my core values, is to inspire and uplift listeners and also make people think about various subjects and issues. When it comes to writing material it is very personal for me.

Currently working on an album…its in pre-production at the moment.
The EP has yet to be titled, which I plan on releasing soon.

My biggest musical influences…there are too many to mention.
I have found musical influences in so many genres of music.

The UK soul music scene…is doing good.
The UK soul music scene has various platforms of expression currently on the rise, which is good.

Three albums that have changed my life…came from MJ, The Eagle and Aretha Franklin.
To narrow it down, from so many it would have to be those three. ‘Off The Wall’ by MJ, The Eagle’s ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ from Aretha Franklin, are timeless pieces.

The song I would have loved to have written…has to be ‘Rock With you’ by MJ.
There are so many, this is a tough one; but it has to be ‘Rock with you’ by the late MJ.||

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