Naomi Scott has taken a step into more lush layered vocals with new track ‘Lover’s Lies’.

The first single from her upcoming EP ‘Promises’, ‘Lover’s Lies’ is an emotive piece led by a chorus of dark, moving strings. The ambience created ties in beautifully with Scott’s overlapping harmonies, which act almost as another piece of the instrumental.

It is a song that gets you from the start. Removing itself from the tired verse, chorus structure it is refreshing to listen to a track that takes you on a path of its own.

‘Lover’s Lies’ boasts a very catchy pre-chorus lick – ‘another night, do you feel the beat of my heart again?’ – which, while lacking some originality lyrically, perfectly captures Scott’s desire to inspire hopefulness and optimism from a dark beginning.

It is the slightly unimaginative verse melodies and anti-climactic outro that lets the song down. You are left waiting for more… more powerful soaring vocals with real defiance, heavier darker strings, lower range beats. It is a song that finishes with an air of sensitivity where it could have had real power and conviction.

Promises is due for release later this year, which is just as well as ‘Lover’s Lies’ does leave you wanting a little more.

Words by Lucy Hill

Naomi Scott unveils lush new track '' Lover's Lies''
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