Orange Soul is a Brighton based, songwriting duo, consisting of members Henry and Johnny Tydeman. 

This track sparkles in with some twinkling sound effects adding an ambient atmosphere before the music has even started. I felt like the introduction using these effects could have been a tad longer, just to really emphasise whereabouts they wanted the song to place you. In my opinion, I imagined listening to this song, looking up at the stars on a clear night, or maybe walking through a misty forest on a winter morning.

As the song kicks in, the music is very cut back with some simple piano and guitar parts, similar to Spanish Sahara by Foals which to me has the same sort of visualisation and concept. This allowed the vocals to shine through, creating the perfect mix and when the harmonies kicked in, it built up the vocal sound even more. The build ups in the choruses also sounded like the inspiration was taken from the same track but worked really well and added a great indie rock element.

I felt like Pink Floyd was a big influence in the making of this track, with the lyrical content, the structure of the whole song and the vocal tone with added harmonies. The chords used within the choruses were positively unusual and added a great suspense, especially in the second line. I was not expecting that to come next! Also, I loved how the drums cut out in the first verse but were back in with a simple beat for the second verse.

The background noise worked well on the bridge, with some added bird call and river flow sound effects. This created more visualisation for me and you could still hear the vocals and bass perfectly over the top. I very much got a Coldplay vibe from this section leading into the outro, similar to ‘Rule The World’.

Nearer to the end of the song, I would have loved the build-ups after the bridge and outro to be even more powerful, with more vocal harmonies to create almost a choir effect, and the possibility of using some orchestral instruments in there, strings, brass sections and timpani percussion perhaps, just to add a bit more punch and epicness to end the track.

I would rate this song at a 4 out of 5, a little more work and added decoration would really make it pop. A unique sound and great use of influences.

Brighton’s Orange Soul Drop their new Single ‘The Haze’
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