Otis Mensah is a 21-year-old MC/poet out of the UK. Hip-hop at his core he’s been rhyming and honing his skills for years, becoming more and more recognised for his gifts as a lyricist. His latest project is Computers Outside a five-track concept EP produced by the Baltimore-based Ray Sosa.

Computers Outside is Otis Mensah’s commentary on the internet and social media today and how it contrast with his thoughts and life. Becoming consumed with the frivolousness of social media, misinformation, letting these make you stagnate and ironically more anti-social are some of the things, he touches on the EP. The title tracks points to the idea that we become computer like over time when we become too reliant on the web. Otis Mensah’s more concerned with what matters, real life and not letting it pass you by toiling away online.

He introspectively rhymes about being the best and conquering goals despite what naysayers who can’t see your vision or feel your passion say. Feelings of being struggling Otis Mensah’s fiery vocal delivery and technically drive these themes home. Otis has great diction and breath control for some rapping as quickly and passionate as he does. Ray Sosa’s dark and moody boom-bap beats compliment Otis’s style well. Dusty drums and melancholy piano keys characterise these tracks. “Empty Hour Glass” is my favourite of the five it there’s an elegance to the piano keys on that one and Otis Mensah goes in on it.

Otis Mensah’s a very young and talented artist with tonnes of potential. Computers Outside is a creative project that says a lot about Otis as a person and the downsides of today’s social media era in a concise way. I’m looking forward to future efforts from Otis Mensah.

Review | Otis Mensah's potential shines through on his conceptual EP ''Computers Outside''
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