After a long anticipated wait, UK singer-songwriter Rachel Huggins released her second album “Lost for words”. We caught up with the songstress for a brief interview to talk more about her recent release, her first debut and much more…

The sultry songstress from South London, has now released two independent albums – including her 2009 debut, “21st century love story”. In such a short career span, Rachel has been privileged enough to be a backing vocalist for a number of artists, performing at a variety of venues, and has been a promoter of a successful live music night. Last year, she had the opportunity to support US duo Sy Smith & Zo at the Jazz Café and perform with a full live band.

When asked if she had any idea of what kind of album she intended on releasing, she humbly replies, “Ultimately an album showing progression. I wanted to be able to hear and show growth as a musician, songwriter and a vocalist”.

We couldn’t wait to speak to the multi-dimensional artist, who brings a touch of class to soul music. An artist who has the ability to incorporate a variety of flavours into her whimsical musical style, and yet remain grounded in gospel, soul and jazz.

So, who produced the album?

The album was mostly produced by myself, however a few tracks have production credits by Keven Mark Trail (‘I love music’), Eric Adjei (‘You can’t always get’ and ‘three wishes’), and my new production partner Simon Kusinerek (‘Progress’ & ‘lost for words’).

Since the release of the album, what has the response been like from fans & listeners?

Well it’s only been a week since its digital release but I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to it so I’m very pleased.

How much different is this album, compared to your last one ’21st century love’?

Musically, I view ‘21st Century Love Story’ like a prelude. It was more of an exploration and showcase of my skills as a songwriter and arranger. There was a main lyrical theme running through, (love for yourself, love for others love for God). It was the first time I had the opportunity to work with and write for different types of instruments like the flute and trumpet. Whereas with ‘Lost for Words’, this is more of an introduction as to what you are more likely to hear from me in the future. I followed a similar structure of the first album so there’s a combination of live recordings and produced tracks, a few love songs and a number of conscious songs.

So final question, what is your favourite song off the album and why?

This is a tough one! Can I have three favourites? Or four even? I’m so happy with ALL of the songs that it’s hard to choose. For different reasons: ‘All things comes to those who wait’ – because it’s an old song that I’ve been performing for years and never recorded, but the way my band played on this recording was brilliant absolute perfection. ‘Progress’ because it was the first time working with producer Simon Kusinerek and it was such a great experience. He really understood the essence of the sound I was trying to create. The lyrics are also very in tune with how I’ve been feeling musically and in general day to day life. ‘Lost for words’ is obviously the title track and ‘Life without you’ is a beautiful acoustic number featuring Hazel Caewood on flute, on how I feel about God…I could go on!

‘Lost for words’ is available to purchase on iTunes

’21st Century love story’ is also available to purchase on iTunes

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