Singer, songwriter and producer Rachel K Collier released her latest single Paper Tiger in March.

The track has a strong dub style bassline supported by electronic instruments with vocals soaring over the top. There is a dream like quality to the electronic intro with the vocals then creeping in. Syncopation in the voice gives the tune a quite disjointed but upbeat feel.  It has a very definite dance track quality to it.

Rachel has also released an acoustic version of the tune. This track gives a lot more prominence to her natural sounding melodic vocals.  Without the electronic beats it gives the tune a much more sombre feel with keyboard rhythms floating around the tune.

Rachel K Collier is a woman of many talents, which is shown by her impressive output of music. In 2015 she self-produced her EP ‘Words You Never Heard’. Last year she released album ‘Best of Bootlegs’ as well as singles ‘Ships’ and ‘Cravings’. The dedication to her craft comes out in her expressive voice.

Also her hit 2013 collaboration Boom Boom showed Rachel has a talent for a catchy tune. This latest release is no different and the repetitive lyrics mixed with the melody make it stick out in your mind.

Rachel K Collier releases her thumping new single ''Paper Tiger''
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