Otis Mensah, UK hip hop artist, has released his debut. A mixtape called Days Over Damson, it is available on his Bandcamp page and is a lyrical and poetic introduction to a new voice in the British hip hop scene.

Mensah doesn’t innovate much in his sound, establishing himself in a solid 90s alternative hip hop vibe. But that is not to say that Days Over Damson offers nothing new – Mensah’s lyrics, which are complex and full of wordplay, nodding to a deep heritage in spoken word, presenting an update on the themes covered in music with this sound, referencing 21st century internet concerns and life in contemporary Britain.

The mixtape is only five tracks long, but doesn’t end up feeling too short. This could be seen as a sign of a self-contained, well measured release… but on the other hand, it is indicative of a somewhat samey adventure which doesn’t deviate much from the path laid by the first track, Day Dream, which might also be seen as the strongest on the album.

The best thing about the album is the interplay between a relaxed and relaxing vibe which permeates throughout and the depth and thoughtfulness of the lyrics, providing stimulation and relaxation in one small package.

Written by James Cullen

Review |Alternative Hip Hop artist Otis Mensah releases debut mixtape Days Over Damson
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