London act Balcony generate a blissful and subtle electronic sound that is a strong representation of their talents and focus. The multi-continental four piece create an atmospheric energy that is infectious, a tone that truly connects with the listener. Their new music video/song, ‘Satisfied’, is artful and commanding, breaching the barrier of normalcy, showcasing a compelling diversity that many acts lack.

The electronic values of the song are fundamental and the video challenges the ears and the eyes. With the enigmatic characters and engrossing art naturally awe inspiring, it’s difficult not to fall in love with it all. It’s a vibrant, eye opening video and purposeful song that utilises the strengths of colour and emotive sounds. There are characters in the video that stroll through the world that they commit to, comfortable in their own skin.

However, whilst the song and video are great, the lyrical content could do with a brush of sophistication. It’s not terrible or mundane; it just could be a little more poetic. That being said, the whole set-up enforces a great contrast and balance. The instrumentals are brilliant and well-suited for the electronic genre, with the band in the video playing with great passion and intent.

Words by Mark Mcconville

Review | Balcony - Satisfied
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