Concorde 2 really is an ideal venue for a band like the Melvins. Seeing as they’ve played there before on another occasion, this further reinforces this fact. It’s small, literally under a main road and the acoustics in the building are good due to the large roof in the main room. The atmosphere was also made appropriately menacing thanks to the guy operating the lights, treating us to some trippy psychedelic swirling on the floor. Right, on to the show.

The bassist of the Melvins, Jared Warren, opened the show with his other band Big Business, in which he sings lead and plays bass, with Coady Willis on drums. Since the bands usual guitarist Scott Martin wasn’t present for that nights set, Warren improvised with some heavy distortion and effects on the bass guitar to still give the line up the sound of a three piece, which they managed to pull off like no other two member live band I know of.

Their heavy, droning mid tempo stoner riffs reminded me a lot of Kyuss, and Jared’s voice is very impressive. Big Business is a really good outlet for him to gain some more stage presence and to show his additional songwriting and playing ability outside of the Melvins.

Speaking of the Melvins, they were up next, with Jared staying on bass and Dale Crover joining Coady Willis as a two drummer line up as usual. No one can deny Buzz’s stage presence, heavy riffs and booming voice, but seeing Crover and Willis drumming perfectly in sync really isn’t something to miss. The Melvins are known for their unpredictable drum patterns, and their technique as drummers that they displayed  was remarkable. It was like they were literally playing in front of a mirror, they did not go out of time once, even for some of the improvised drum solos in between songs.

The band are also a band you’ll want to see several times, since they have so many albums and songs, you won’t always hear the same thing live twice unless it’s a fan favourite, in which case “It’s Shoved”, “Your Blessened” and “A History of Bad Men” made the setlist of the night. Watching the show could make you realise how many great Melvins songs there are that you don’t know, even if you’re a fan of them.

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