Blackmill aka Robert Card is releasing his single, Feel The Love Again at the end of this month. It features singer/songwriter Graham Brown and the song is a  feel good dance track infused with a hint of reggae . The song is his first release since Blackmill’s album, Miracle.

Robert Card started his music career by uploading his trance tracks to YouTube at the age of 15, under the name Robert J.C. Now, at the age of 20, having moved into the dance/dubstep genre this latest release shows many different elements from his musical journey.

Feel The Love is an interesting mix of electronic samples with saxophone melodies. The video for the single, especially at the start, provides a contrast to the music as it conveys a lot of shots of everyday life. With the intro , the tune plays while  images of a town flash  . But the focus for the majority of the video is one woman, who we see skip between real life and her own imagination. It provides a story to the repeated lyric ‘feel the love again’. Giving the high energy track more meaning.

Blackmill and Brown have known each other since childhood and their collaboration on the song successfully unites their many influences. The former sticking more to rock, while Blackmill cites one of his main influences as Bob Marley. Echoes of both can definitely be heard in the track, meaning it is hard to pin it down to one specific genre. It is definitely a feel good record that gets you moving to its catchy melody and beats.

Feel The Love is out on the 29th June.


Review | Blackmill feat. Graham Brown - Feel That Love Again
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