It’s been a busy 2015 for Chuck Olsen. The New York producer and former NCAA Division 1 baseball player spent his year working on and promoting his ambitious and thoroughly enjoyable 11-track opus Blurred Ambitions.

But it seems that Olsen still had some gas left in the tank after finishing up the album; and the result is his latest track, appropriately titled Energy.

Energy sure lives up to its name.

After a short spoken intro, heavy electronic effects and an angelic voice build up the track to a chaotic, disconcerting climax. But just as you think it’s going to let up for a second, the rapping kicks in and it turns into an unstoppable freight train.

The song features fellow New Yorkers Alyssa Quintana and Isaiah Velez, who also guested on a bunch of tracks off the Blurred Ambitions album. Quintana is particularly on point here, showcasing her versatility and proving that she can rap with the best of them if she wants to.

Energy’s sure to go down well with clubbers everywhere, and it’s bound to end Olsen’s 2015 with a bang.

Review | Chuck Olsen still has Energy
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