Kaine, from East Anglia, are a band of experienced NWOBHM revivalists and this new song that they’ve recently put out proves it. They’ve read every page in the book on writing a great Metal song when penning “Justice, Injustice”, the track in question.


When you hear the majestic vocals and war themed lyrics from Rage Sadler (which is a really cool name) reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson’s work on classic Maiden album The Number of the Beast, combined with soaring lead guitar work and Thrashy Priest-esque riffs from Ant Murch and Saxon Davids, you quickly get the idea that this is a song going for an epic atmosphere.

Top that off with the tight bass work and drumming from Dan Mailer and Chris MacKinnon respectively, and you’ll wonder if the early 80s ever left after hearing this finely written anthem guaranteed to make you headbang. Go and check it out if you want some pure Metal!

Visit : http://kaine-metal.com/

Review | East Anglian band Kaine release “Justice, Injustice”
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