Southern eastern calypso pop band Fond Of Rudy have released their latest track Are You Ready?, which incorporates a fun, indie pop vibe.

The song is dance material, and the sound is almost reminiscent of ’80s reggae dancehall, offset by pensive and nostalgic vocals. While the softness of the overall sound is actually very pleasant, the singer unfortunately comes across a little bit bored, which does dampen the mood of the song somewhat. This is a shame because we feel that a sharper contrast in the opposite direction – that is, a vocal sound which is more upbeat than the backing track – would reach a refreshing and enjoyable balance, somewhere along the lines of second wave ska geniuses Madness and the Specials.

Perhaps this muted tone is indicative of the times, fitting quite well against the internet-induced ennui that seems to permeate much of this decade’s artistic output. It makes us long for something more spirited, but managing to express the mood of the contemporary age through a track with such strong ’80s inspirations is an achievement in itself.

Overall not the deepest of experiences, but sometimes that is exactly what one needs!

Written by James Cullen

Review | Fond of Rudy unleash fun , indie pop vibe single Are you Ready ?
3.5Overall Score
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