Indie pop artist Georgie Bird’s recent release, Walls, provides a heavy hit of nostalgia for the almost-ballad style of 80s love pop music, with a corresponding synthesiser-infused, gently poppy backing track.

Bird’s track drives towards an end of the night, slow dance in somebody’s arms feeling. The song itself, with fairly simplistic and unpoetic lyrics, does not inspire great emotion on its own – but for those looking for a cathartic soundtrack to their own emotional heartache (or heart throbs), it provides an ethereal platform with plenty of room for the listener to insert an image of their own heart’s desire into the song’s aesthetic.

Unfortunately, we don’t feel that the song provides much beyond this, except for big lovers of heartbroken ’80s pop ballads. The track veers into becoming overly repetitive and lacks the fun undercurrent provided by the better artists of this genre, such as Abba.

That said, Georgie Bird is still in the early stages of her career and she has a promisingly pleasant voice – we plan to keep an eye on her future releases, with our fingers crossed for something a bit more upbeat and innovative.

Written by James Cullen

Review | Georgie Bird releases brand new nostalgic track Walls
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