In preparation for their latest EP, London based Experimental/Prog Rock band Opensight have leaked their new song “Alibi” online. It only accounts for a small percentage of the EP’s narrative as it is one song in what is actually a 5 – track murder mystery. When a band has enough material for a small concept album on one EP, you know they’ve got potential to go places.

The track is a head jarring trip with what starts with what sounds like a French accordion played through an 8-bit synthesiser, like something out of an NES game. Genia Penskik’s guitar kicks in moments later and you’re taken through what sounds like a Funky version of Dream Theater meets the quirky performing attitude displayed by Mike Patton in Mr Bungle. There’s even a bridge which wouldn’t be out of place in a Bond style Vic Flick guitar composition.



“The Chase” further showcases this James Bond and cinematic influence by making use of the Surf Rock tinged guitar riffs as the songs’ basis. The up tempo arrangement makes the title all the more suitable. “Vanishing Point” showcases a more Hard Rock tonal approach fused with jazzy chords and a metal influenced guitar solo.

The final two tracks you need to listen for yourself and you’ll realise that Opensight aren’t just putting out an EP. With the way Ivan David Amaya conveys the lyrics in that smooth baritone and how all five songs flow naturally into each other, you’ll realise that this could have been an audible stage play or a film score with lyrics. An EP like this is just killing to be played live in its entirety. This is without a doubt one of the most ambitious EPs you’ll hear so far in 2015.

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Review | Heavy Metal band Opensight release the Ulterior Motives EP
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