We didn’t have the highest hopes for the latest track from British artist Rachel Huggins on the basis of its fairly standard title – Since You’ve Been Gone. Yet we were pleasantly surprised by the complex guitar tones that introduce the track, with interesting and pleasant musical patterns evocative of some of Jimi Hendrix’s more gentle guitar work.

The simple guitar backing remains the strongest aspect of the four-minute track, but unfortunately the vocals let it down a little.

In many ways, this track is an update on the classic blues formula set in the early 20th century in the southern states of the US, with a stark acoustic guitar backing twanging beneath simple vocals contemplating the universally experienced emotional theme of heartache. Yet, despite the beautiful update to the classic blues guitar sound, Huggins’ lyrics fail to reach the depth of those classic blues artists. Since You’ve Been Gone has all the heartache, without the humour and subtlety that delivers the genuine bitter sweet and cathartic emotion of Leadbelly, Robert Johnson, and Billie Holliday.

Huggins’ sound has great potential and we look forward to keeping tabs on her career and the evolution of her songwriting going forwards.

Written by James Cullen

Review | Rachel Huggins releases Since You've Been Gone
3.5Overall Score
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