Seany Clarke’s upcoming album title, I Can Resist Anything But Temptation hints at a reverence for classic wit, riffing on the famous quote by Oscar Wilde. The first track from the album to be released, Adrenalin, suggests a similar appreciation for great artistic achievements of the past, with strong soul vibes and a hint of R&B invoking a rich musical heritage.

Clarke manages to stay fresh and modern with his sound, despite these heavy influences from the past, also drawing on more contemporary electronic sound and an intimate vocal style which evokes a more stylish version of an indie vocal sound, well suited to his visual style.

One artist in particular that Clarke’s track reminds us of is Gnarls Barkley, with its strong rhythmic groove and blending of pop sensibilities from the past and the present. To levy one criticism, Clarke’s sound doesn’t quite reach the fun danceability of Gnarls Barkley’s pop soul hits. That said, Clarke is helping to fill a funky hole in the contemporary UK music scene, and he’s doing it in style.

We feel that it will be easier to pass judgement on Clarke’s sound after the release of his debut album on 19th February, but Adrenalin is a tasty appetiser and we look forward to trying the full course.

Written by James Cullen

Review | Seany Clarke unveils thundering new single Adrenalin
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