How Do I Know? is the latest and only the second track to come from young Leeds four piece group Sunspots, released just a few days before Valentine’s Day. But is there love in the air with this track?

Lyrically, the song covers well trodden ground of emotional relationship angst (the track ends “you never really care… no, you never really caaaaare”). Musically, too, the band doesn’t step far outside of well-established soft alternative rock sounds. That said, for a group very early in their career, they have already established a polished sound which spans several genres.

Without complex lyrics to catch on to or a particularly danceable vibe, one might feel that Sunspots have little to offer. Yet their grungy cum soft rock sound blends nicely into the background and will satisfy listeners who have burned through their Psychocandy CDs and need something fresh to push those ’90s buttons.

This is only Sunspots’ second flare up and it smoulders – will their next excursion burn any brighter? This is a band worth keeping an eye on as they seem to have the energy and momentum to potentially go on to great things!

Written by James Cullen

Review | Sunspots release How Do I know ?
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