Sheffield rock band The Clear’s new track Yesterday Morning reminds us of a soft ’60s rock vibe, in the style of Jefferson Airplane’s classic love themed songs. The sound, while not exactly original, is pleasant and gentle – you certainly know where you are with this kind of music!

A three-piece group, The Clear achieve a gentle hint of an almost symphonic sound with gentle strings blended into the classic rock sound of the backing track. At the same time, the singer’s gentle but strong voice is very pleasant and really is the highlight of this track.


While The Clear couldn’t claim to necessarily provide a new sound, they feel very comfortable settled into the period sound that they have arrived on. While the vocals are gorgeous, more interesting or complex lyrics would definitely boost the quality of this band’s overall feeling. We feel the band’s two non-vocal members could also do more on the instrumental side to create interesting melodies to complement the vocals.

Overall this is a nicely nostalgic track which evokes the hippy period without quite reaching its heights – there is something wonderful hidden in this group, and we hope they manage to uncover it in their upcoming releases.

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