Review | Triple threat musician Adian Coker unleashes Time Out of Mind EP
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Young World and Lights Fantastic are arguably thee 2 most polished ‘mixtapes’ that I have heard from UK shores in the last few years. That Adian Coker did the triple whammy of writing, producing and mixing both projects, means it was only natural to assume that when the man did finally drop something more ‘official’ for the masses that trend was sure to continue…. and so it has.

“I ain’t got a minute for a cynic

Give a f@£k about your opinion

Middle finger to a critic”

Time Out of Mind finds Mr Coker taking his tried and tested formula to new heights and as soon as the first muffled guitar samples are heard when you press play, its obvious that Adian spends a lot of time honing his craft. Existing drum patterns have been upgraded, while the melodies and interpolations on show are now even more textured than before. The arrangements are second to none while the mixing and levels are nigh on perfect.

The Muhummad Ali speech that opens the anthemic synth of the EPs lead off, Pure, could’ve been titled ‘a lot to live up to’ but it just so happens in this case to be a great build up to the aforementioned song, what lies beyond it and Adian’s current state of mind with regards to his music. Lines like “I make 4G moves y’all are GPRS” & “The take my positivity for weakness/until I turn grim and have them running from the reaper” reveals a hope that a single minded approach will lead to a more substance laden outcome.

“I came from a place of guts and glory

Far from Balamory

Where they tell tall tales like it’s fiction,

True story”

And so the story continues in various guises over Hip Hop that is so well done, each track makes its own individual case for regular airplay should their creators buzz reach such a level. Be it the smooth clean snap of Get Money, the anticipatory synth work and ghostly vibe of Been There, the catchy hooks and universal boom bap appeal of Gospel and the closer, Opiate Dreams, or the brooding bass line of my favourite, We On, only the supremely cynical would fail to be impressed with what Adian Coker has put together.

For any J. Cole or Omen fans out there, I would avidly recommend an extensive familiarisation exercise with ‘Time Out of Mind’ as well as the rest of Adian’s back catalogue. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, surely this guy is meant for a far grander level of exposure than he currently enjoys. My only issue with Time Out of Mind is that it’s only 6 songs deep. Surely a full length outing is on its way in 2016. To the ‘I knew about him ages ago’ crew, apply within…. and make haste.

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