Warme are a band with a style reminiscent of the days of old school rock. The Bradford based group released their new single, Monday Comedown last month and it showcases classic rock at it best. The style is comparable to the 80s/90s heyday of the likes of U2 or Paul Weller.

In modern music the focus is often centred around the lyrics. Yet Warme successfully pulls the listeners attention to the most important element of any track, the music. With guitar riffs and solid bass lines, their single while not entirely unique builds a satisfying instrumental progression. However the rhythm section for the track is surprisingly faint for a rock track, with the guitar very much taking centre stage. In the intro for the song, as it builds, the drums are subtle with electronic effects at the foreground, giving it an almost psychedelic feel. The repetitive riffs throughout allow the vocals to effectively punctuate the sound, as the singer floats over the top of the guitar. The video for this track acts purely as a visual aid to show the reasons behind this Monday Comedown. Namely a drinking session the night before. 

The band, made up of Lee Walsh on lead vocals; Craig Hamilton, guitar; Jamie Hamilton, also guitar; Mcawley Haywood, bass guitar and Dan Hudson on drums, originally formed in 2003. They have definitely shown commitment to their music having only recently reformed after taking a sabbatical when a record label tried to push their music in a different direction. And this loyalty to their tunes shows through the confident melodic and lyric combination in this track.

The vibe of this new release, creates a surprisingly energetic atmosphere for a comedown, making it feel much more like a live performance than a recording. This gives the track a very inclusive, rounded sound for the listener, making it feel much more like you are at a gig.

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 Written by Ester Hayden

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