New York based Euro League is 26 years old and firmly establishing himself on the East Coast hip hop scene. Euro Trip Continuum EP Vol 1 sees the Bronx lyricist picking up where he left off with his 2013 mixtape Euro Trip where his journey, as described by him, carries him from aspirations to reality.

As a UK native I want to compare his rap style to Kano, which is surprising for an American artist. I hear this mostly with opening track ‘Kill All Kings’, the conversational tone with a snarl throughout is something heard so often from my personal grime favourite. The playful changes in tone and pace of ‘Violence’ is another example where this comparison is apparent to me, so the whole EP already gives a familiar feel – in a good way.

The bars are fast paced and aggressive, clearly a deliberate theme for tracks titled the likes of ‘Violence’ and ‘Kill All Kings’. Euro League’s name itself is an acronym for Enlighten Under Ruling Oppression, so immediately I’m expecting a record with a strong message. He’s previously been associated with Kendrick Lamar who has occasionally alluded to himself as a King, so perhaps the themes of this mixtape are an attack on that monopolisation of the genre. It seems the way Euro League is attempting to climb up the industry is via non traditional methods, unsigned and working with his own ReeLife Music Group record company, set up with partner “MP” Williams in 2013. Working like this, it’s harder to knock the established artists off the top and tracks like ‘Kill All Kings’ feel like a protest of this. 


Production is predominantly “MP” Williams, and completely appropriate. It takes on a consistent vibe throughout the EP and reflects a bleak and dark atmosphere, which clearly Euro League is trying to paint. The production sounds exactly like the cover art looks, translated well through both.

Euro League plans to release Volume 2 in the next few months. Apparently choosing to do this based on an analysis of the way hip hop fans currently consume music, having noticed the shorter attention span he decided to put the records out separately. This could either work really well for him or vice versa, the production on Volume 1 is so consistent that if Volume 2 carries it on, I think it could work against him. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, based on the fact he’s noticed our short attention spans anyway, I’m assuming/hoping Volume 2 will have some different messages.


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